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Government Finance Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(18 members)

1015 § 35 Study the volatility of state revenue sources. The study must include the volatility of the tax base and revenue sources, including ongoing expenditures. The study also must include consideration of the volatility and sustainability of elementary and secondary education funding, including the general fund, common schools trust fund, and foundation aid stabilization fund. The study must include an assessment of the ending fund balances in the general fund, budget stabilization fund, and foundation aid stabilization fund, the adequacy of the foundation aid stabilization fund relative to revenue sources, and an analysis of the other trust funds. The study must include historical revenue for all years for which quality data are available.

2001 § 9 Study the delivery and cost of the Department of Transportation's State Fleet Services for state agencies. The study must include a review of the department's cost of services, staffing, and billing processes and identify improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of the State Fleet Services that will result in reduced costs for state agencies.

2012 § 12 Study the funding mechanisms and options available to the Department of Transportation, political subdivisions, and public transportation providers, for road construction, maintenance, other transportation infrastructure needs, and transit services

Receive report from the Department of Transportation regarding information collected from transportation network companies during each biennium (NDCC § 39-34-05)

Receive report from the Department of Commerce semiannually regarding the status of the program to establish and administer an unmanned aircraft systems test site in cooperation with the University of North Dakota, the Aeronautics Commission, Adjutant General, and private parties appointed by the Governor (NDCC § 54-60-28)

Receive a report from the Department of Transportation before July 1, 2018, regarding the results of the study on the manner in which the Department of Transportation provides snow and ice control services on the state highway system (2017 Senate Bill No. 2012, § 10)

Receive a report from the Department of Transportation before July 1, 2018, on the study of options to consolidate transportation facilities within Williams County and the Williston district headquarters (2017 Senate Bill No. 2012, § 11)

Receive a report from the Department of Transportation and Information Technology Department by June 30, 2018, of the results of the study on benefits of allowing wireless telecommunication infrastructure within state highway rights of way and any requirements of allowing the installation may be in the public interest (2017 Senate Bill No. 2012, § 14)

Receive a report from the Industrial Commission by July 1, 2018, regarding the results and recommendations of the gain-sharing program study (2017 Senate Bill No. 2014, § 30)

Review state budget information, including monitoring the status of revenues and appropriations

Committee Meetings

Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

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