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Title 61

Chapter Chapter Name
61-01 General Provisions
61-02 Water Commission
61-02.1 Flood Control or Reduction Projects
61-03 State Engineer
61-04 Appropriation of Water
61-04.1 Weather Modification
61-05 Organization of Irrigation Districts
61-06 Government of Irrigation Districts
61-07 Powers of Irrigation Districts
61-08 Fiscal Affairs of Irrigation Districts
61-09 Assessments in Irrigation Districts
61-10 Changing Boundaries of Irrigation Districts
61-11 Dissolution of Irrigation Districts
61-12 Flood Irrigation Projects
61-13 Organization of Corporations for Irrigation Purposes
61-14 General Rules Governing Irrigation
61-15 Water Conservation
61-16 Creation of Water Resource Districts - Boards
61-16.1 Operation of Water Resource Districts
61-16.2 Floodplain Management
61-17 Tri-State Water Compact [Repealed]
61-18 Erection and Maintenance of Dams [Repealed]
61-19 Revetment Works [Repealed]
61-20 Artesian Wells
61-21 Drainage Assessment Projects
61-21.1 Water Project Development
61-22 Township Projects [Repealed]
61-23 Yellowstone River Compact
61-24 Garrison Diversion Conservancy District
61-24.1 Garrison Diversion Mitigation and Enhancement Lands Commission [Repealed]
61-24.2 West River Water Supply District [Repealed]
61-24.3 Southwest Pipeline Project
61-24.4 Southwest Pipeline Series Bonds [Repealed]
61-24.5 Southwest Water Authority
61-24.6 Northwest Area Water Supply Project
61-24.7 Red River Valley Water Supply Project
61-24.8 Garrison Diversion Conservancy District Irrigation Special Assessments
61-25 Reclamation Districts [Repealed]
61-26 City Joint Use of Drains
61-27 Boating Regulations [Repealed]
61-28 Control, Prevention, and Abatement of Pollution of Surface Waters
61-28.1 Safe Drinking Water Act
61-28.2 Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund
61-29 Little Missouri State Scenic River Act
61-30 Lake Protection and Rehabilitation
61-31 Waterbank Program
61-32 Drainage
61-33 Sovereign Land Management
61-34 Livestock Water Assistance Program
61-35 Water Districts
61-36 Devils Lake Outlet Committee
61-37 Irrigation District Finance Program
61-38 Dredged and Fill Material Disposal
61-39 Lake Agassiz Water Authority
61-40 Western Area Water Supply Authority
61-41 Water Policy and Projects

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