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Title 36

Chapter Chapter Name
36-01 State Board of Animal Health
36-02 Veterinary Medicine and Surgery [Repealed]
36-03 Stallion Registration [Repealed]
36-04 Livestock Dealers [Repealed]
36-05 Livestock Auction Markets
36-05.1 Satellite Video Livestock Auction Markets
36-06 Purchase of Livestock by Packing Plants
36-07 Rendering Plants
36-08 Cooperative Grazing Associations
36-09 Brands and Marks [Repealed]
36-10 Inspection of Livestock Shipments [Repealed]
36-11 Trespass of Livestock
36-12 Herding and Driving
36-13 Estrays [Repealed]
36-14 Contagious and Infectious Diseases Generally
36-14.1 Hog Cholera
36-15 Bovine Tuberculosis and Brucellosis
36-16 Glanders and Dourine [Repealed]
36-17 Bot Treatment Law [Repealed]
36-18 Serum Institute [Repealed]
36-19 Dipping Stations [Repealed]
36-20 Shipment of Livestock [Repealed]
36-21 General Provisions
36-21.1 Humane Treatment of Animals
36-21.2 Treatment of Animals
36-22 Estray Inspection [Repealed]
36-23 Standards for Meat Inspection, Sanitation, and Distribution [Repealed]
36-23.1 Meat Inspection [Repealed]
36-24 Meat Inspection
36-25 Farmed Elk
36-26 Feral Swine

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