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Title 32

Judicial Remedies
Chapter Chapter Name
32-01 General Provisions
32-02 Qualifications of Sureties
32-03 Damages and Compensatory Relief
32-03.1 Good Samaritan Act
32-03.2 Fault, Damages, and Payments
32-03.3 Charitable Organization Immunity
32-03.4 Structured Settlement Transfers
32-04 Specific Relief
32-05 Preventive Relief
32-06 Injunction
32-07 Claim and Delivery
32-07.1 Crime Profits Recovery
32-08 Attachment [Repealed]
32-08.1 Attachment
32-09 Garnishment [Repealed]
32-09.1 Garnishment
32-10 Receivers
32-11 Deposit
32-12 Actions by and Against State
32-12.1 Governmental Liability
32-12.2 Claims Against the State
32-13 Actions in Place of Scire Facias and Quo Warranto
32-14 Actions to Recover Forfeitures
32-15 Eminent Domain
32-16 Action for Partition of Real Property
32-17 Actions to Quiet Title and Determine Claims to Real Estate
32-18 Cancellation of Land Contracts
32-19 Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages by Action
32-19.1 Short-Term Mortgage Redemption Act [Repealed]
32-19.2 Trustees for Commercial Buildings During Foreclosures
32-20 Foreclosure of Liens on Personal Property
32-21 Death by Wrongful Act
32-22 Habeas Corpus
32-23 Declaratory Judgments
32-24 Certification of Question of Law to Supreme Court [Superseded by North Dakota Rules of Appellate Procedure]
32-25 Conversion of Grain by Public Warehouse
32-26 Administration of Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
32-27 Establishing Citizenship
32-28 Change of Names of Persons and Places
32-29 Arbitration [Repealed]
32-29.1 Arbitration of Medical Malpractice Claims [Repealed]
32-29.2 Uniform Arbitration Act [Repealed]
32-29.3 Uniform Arbitration Act
32-30 Proceedings Against Joint Debtors
32-31 Foreclosure of Tax Liens
32-32 Special Proceedings, General Provisions
32-33 Writ of Certiorari
32-34 Writ of Mandamus
32-35 Writ of Prohibition
32-36 Illegitimacy [Repealed]
32-37 Establishing Date and Place of Birth
32-38 Contribution Among Tort-Feasors
32-39 Voluntary Partial Payment of Claims
32-40 Environmental Law Enforcement
32-40.1 Lender Liability for Environmental Damage
32-41 Uniform Foreign-Money Claims Act
32-42 Alternative Dispute Resolution
32-43 Uniform Correction or Clarification of Defamation Act
32-44 Defamation of Agricultural Products and Management Practices
32-45 Year 2000 Disruption Actions [Expired]
32-46 Asbestos-Related Liability of Successor
32-47 Landowner Immunity for Trespasser Injury

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