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Title 27

Judicial Branch of Government
Chapter Chapter Name
27-01 General Provisions
27-02 Supreme Court
27-02.1 Court of Appeals
27-03 Clerk of Supreme Court
27-04 Other Officials of Supreme Court
27-05 District Courts
27-05.1 Family Courts [Repealed]
27-05.2 Clerk of District Court Funding and Fees
27-06 District Court Reporters and Bailiffs [Repealed]
27-07 County Courts [Repealed]
27-07.1 County Courts [Repealed]
27-08 County Courts of Increased Jurisdiction [Repealed]
27-08.1 Small Claims Court
27-08.2 County Judicial Coordinating Councils [Repealed]
27-09 Jurors [Repealed]
27-09.1 Uniform Jury Selection and Service Act
27-10 Contempts
27-11 Admission to Bar
27-12 State Bar Association of North Dakota
27-13 Conduct of Attorneys
27-14 Disbarment or Suspension of Attorneys
27-15 Judicial Conference
27-16 Juvenile Court [Repealed]
27-17 Retirement of Judges
27-18 County Justice [Repealed]
27-19 Indian Civil Jurisdiction
27-20 Uniform Juvenile Court Act
27-21 Division of Juvenile Services
27-22 Interstate Compact on Juveniles [Repealed]
27-23 Judicial Conduct Commission
27-24 Temporary Judges
27-25 Judicial Nominating Committee
27-26 Nominating County Court Judges [Repealed]

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