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Article 75-09.1

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
Chapter Chapter Name
75-09.1-01 General Standards for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
75-09.1-02 Clinically Managed Low-Intensity Residential Care - Adult ASAM Level III.1
75-09.1-02.1 Clinically Managed Low-Intensity Residential Care - Adolescent ASAM Level III.1
75-09.1-03 Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Care - Adult ASAM Level III.5
75-09.1-03.1 Clinically Managed Medium-Intensity Residential Care - Adolescent ASAM Level III.5
75-09.1-04 Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Treatment - Adult ASAM Level III.7
75-09.1-04.1 Medically Monitored High-Intensity Inpatient Treatment - Adolescent ASAM Level III.7
75-09.1-05 Partial Hospitalization - Day Treatment - Adult ASAM Level II.5
75-09.1-05.1 Partial Hospitalization - Day Treatment - Adolescent ASAM Level II.5
75-09.1-06 Intensive Outpatient Treatment - Adult ASAM Level II.1
75-09.1-06.1 Intensive Outpatient Treatment - Adolescent ASAM Level II.1
75-09.1-07 Outpatient Services - Adult ASAM Level I
75-09.1-07.1 Outpatient Services - Adolescent ASAM Level I
75-09.1-08 Social Detoxification ASAM Level III.2-D
75-09.1-09 DUI Seminar ASAM Level 0.5
75-09.1-10 Licensing and Treatment Standards for Opioid Treatment Programs
75-09.1-11 Substance Use Disorder Treatment Voucher System
75-09.1-12 Licensing Standards for Medication Units

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