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Article 75-02

Economic Assistance
Chapter Chapter Name
75-02-01 Aid to Families with Dependent Children [Repealed]
75-02-01.1 Aid to Families with Dependent Children [Repealed]
75-02-01.2 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
75-02-01.3 Child Care Assistance
75-02-02 Medical Services
75-02-02.1 Eligibility for Medicaid
75-02-02.2 Children's Health Insurance Program
75-02-03 Homes for Aged and Infirm [Superseded]
75-02-04 Child Support Division [Repealed]
75-02-04.1 Child Support Guidelines
75-02-04.2 State Disbursement Unit
75-02-05 Provider Integrity
75-02-05.1 Nursing Home Sanctions [Repealed]
75-02-05.2 Nursing Facility Enforcement Action
75-02-06 Ratesetting for Nursing Home Care
75-02-07 Provider Reimbursement - Basic Care Facilities [Repealed]
75-02-07.1 Ratesetting for Basic Care Facilities
75-02-08 Homes for the Aged and Infirm [Repealed]
75-02-09 Ratesetting for Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
75-02-10 Aid to Vulnerable Aged, Blind, and Disabled Individuals
75-02-11 Food Stamp Program [Repealed]

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