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Article 33-20

Solid Waste Management and Land Protection
Chapter Chapter Name
33-20-01 General Provisions [Repealed]
33-20-01.1 General Provisions
33-20-02 Storage [Repealed]
33-20-02.1 Permit Provisions and Procedures
33-20-03 Collection and Transportation [Repealed]
33-20-03.1 Permit Application Provisions
33-20-04 Resource Recovery [Repealed]
33-20-04.1 General Performance Standards
33-20-05 Standards of Performance for Disposal Operations [Repealed]
33-20-05.1 Inert Waste Landfills
33-20-06 Permit to Construct [Repealed]
33-20-06.1 Municipal Waste Landfills
33-20-07 Permit to Operate [Repealed]
33-20-07.1 Small Volume Industrial Waste Landfills and Special Waste Landfills
33-20-08 Common Provisions Applicable to Both a Permit to Construct and Permit to Operate [Repealed]
33-20-08.1 Surface Impoundment Provisions
33-20-09 Land Treatment Provisions
33-20-10 Large Volume Industrial Waste and MSW Ash Landfills
33-20-11 Landfill Disposal of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Waste
33-20-12 Regulated Infectious Waste
33-20-13 Water Protection Provisions
33-20-14 Financial Assurance Requirements
33-20-15 Solid Waste Management Fees
33-20-16 Certification of Operators
33-20-17 Solid Waste Management Planning
33-20-18 Solid Waste Management Fund
33-20-19 Municipal Waste Landfill Release Compensation Fund

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