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Article 33-06

Reportable Conditions
Chapter Chapter Name
33-06-01 Conditions Designated as Reportable
33-06-02 Reporting
33-06-03 Health Officer Investigation
33-06-04 Control of Specific Diseases
33-06-05 School Immunization Requirements
33-06-05.1 General Provisions
33-06-05.2 Students with Significant Contagious Diseases
33-06-05.3 Employees with Significant Contagious Diseases
33-06-05.4 Treatment of Independent Contractors with Significant Contagious Diseases
33-06-05.5 Relations with the Public
33-06-05.6 Education
33-06-06 Food Handlers [Repealed]
33-06-07 Laboratory Specimens for Carriers of Disease
33-06-08 Isolation Requirements
33-06-09 Common Carriers Federal Regulation Adopted and Shipment of Birds of the Psittacine Family
33-06-10 Disinfection
33-06-11 [Reserved]
33-06-12 [Reserved]
33-06-13 [Reserved]
33-06-14 [Reserved]
33-06-15 Preparation of Bodies and Transportation
33-06-16 Newborn Screening Program

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