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Article 33-03

State Department of Health
Chapter Chapter Name
33-03-01 Free Standing Outpatient Facility - Including Surgical Facilities - Excluding Physicians Clinic [Repealed]
33-03-02 Abortion
33-03-03 Maintenance and Operation of Public Waterworks Systems, Swimming Pools, and Sewerage Systems [Repealed]
33-03-04 Quality of Water [Repealed]
33-03-05 School Water and Sewerage Systems [Repealed]
33-03-06 Sale of Bulk and Bottled Water Supplies Intended for Domestic Purposes [Repealed]
33-03-07 Care and Disposal of Refuse and Garbage [Repealed]
33-03-08 Approval of Plans and Specifications Prior to Construction of Water Works and Sewerage Systems
33-03-09 Health Maintenance Organizations [Repealed]
33-03-10 Home Health Agencies [Repealed]
33-03-10.1 Home Health Agencies
33-03-11 Electronic Hair Removal Technician
33-03-11.1 Electrolysis
33-03-12 Hemophilia
33-03-13 Construction Standards for Residential Facilities for the Physically Disabled
33-03-14 Construction Standards for Small Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
33-03-15 Hospice Programs
33-03-16 Construction and Location of Toilets [Repealed]
33-03-17 Temporary Work Camps [Repealed]
33-03-18 Milk Sanitation [Repealed]
33-03-19 Food and Drink Sanitation [Repealed]
33-03-20 Minimum Requirements for Sanitation in Places of Employment [Repealed]
33-03-21 Minimum Requirements for Sanitation in Camps [Repealed]
33-03-22 Migrant Labor Housing [Repealed]
33-03-23 Health Care Claims Data
33-03-24 Basic Care Facilities [Repealed]
33-03-24.1 Basic Care Facilities
33-03-24.2 General Standard for Construction and Equipment for Basic Care Facilities
33-03-25 Alternative Health Care Services Projects
33-03-26 Organ Transplant Support Fund
33-03-27 State Community Matching Physician Loan Repayment Program [Repealed]
33-03-28 District Health Units
33-03-29 Residential Care Facilities for Children with Autism
33-03-30 Construction Standards for Residential Care Facilities for Children with Autism
33-03-31 Certificate of Public Advantage [Repealed]
33-03-32 State Community Matching Loan Repayment Program for Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and Certified Nurse Midwives [Repealed]
33-03-33 Long-Term Care Nursing Scholarship and Loan Repayment Grant Program
33-03-34 Autism Spectrum Disorder Database

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