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Chapter 62.1-02

Possession of Weapons
Section Section Name
62.1-02-01 Persons who are not to possess firearms ‑ Penalty
62.1-02-01.1 Restoration of right to possess firearm
62.1-02-01.2 Mental disability and the possession of firearms
62.1-02-02 Sale of handgun regulated ‑ Penalty
62.1-02-03 Possession or sale of short‑barreled rifle or shotgun ‑ Penalty ‑ Application
62.1-02-04 Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in liquor establishment prohibited ‑ Penalty ‑ Exceptions
62.1-02-05 Possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon at a public gathering ‑ Penalty ‑ Application
62.1-02-06 Discharge of firearm within city ‑ Penalty ‑ Application
62.1-02-07 Use of firearm by certain minors prohibited ‑ Penalty
62.1-02-08 Illegal firearms, ammunition, or explosive materials business
62.1-02-09 Possession of explosive and destructive device in government building ‑ Penalty
62.1-02-10 Carrying loaded firearm in certain vehicles prohibited ‑ Penalty ‑ Exceptions
62.1-02-10.1 Carrying a loaded firearm in vehicle while hunting - Penalty
62.1-02-11 Possessing explosive prohibited ‑ Exception ‑ Penalty
62.1-02-12 Resident may purchase rifle or shotgun in contiguous state ‑ Application ‑ Definitions
62.1-02-13 Possession of secured firearm ‑ Prohibition by employer prohibited
62.1-02-14 Armed first responder in schools ‑ Possession of a concealed weapon ‑ Liability

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