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Chapter 61-39

Lake Agassiz Water Authority
Section Section Name
61-39-01 Findings and declaration of policy
61-39-02 Lake Agassiz water authority created
61-39-03 Lake Agassiz water authority ‑ Board of directors
61-39-04 Board of directors ‑ Officers ‑ Meetings
61-39-04.1 State project authorized
61-39-05 Authority of the Lake Agassiz water authority
61-39-06 Resolution authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds
61-39-07 Provisions governing bonds
61-39-08 Sale of bonds ‑ When private sale authorized ‑ Public sale and notice
61-39-09 Notes issued pending preparation of bonds ‑ Negotiability
61-39-10 Validity of notes and bonds
61-39-11 Notes and bonds exempt from taxation
61-39-12 Covenants and provisions that may be inserted in resolution authorizing bonds
61-39-13 Liability of authority for notes and bonds ‑ Taxing power prohibited
61-39-14 Duties of authority and officers relative to the issuance of bonds
61-39-15 Remedies of bondholders in general
61-39-16 Project ‑ Definition

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