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Chapter 61-24.8

Garrison Diversion Conservancy District Irrigation Special Assessments
Section Section Name
61-24.8-01 Definitions
61-24.8-02 Financing project through improvement bonds or special assessments ‑ Apportionment of benefits
61-24.8-03 Resolution authorizing project and the issuance of revenue bonds
61-24.8-04 Construction
61-24.8-05 Power of district to defray expense of improvements by special assessments
61-24.8-06 Condemnation of land and rights of way for special improvements ‑ Taking of possession - Trial - Appeal - Vacation of judgment
61-24.8-07 Improvement districts to be created
61-24.8-08 Size and form of improvement districts - Regulations governing
61-24.8-09 Engineer's report required - Contents
61-24.8-10 Approval of plans, specifications, and estimates
61-24.8-11 District engineer to retain copy of plans, specifications, and estimates - Sale of copies
61-24.8-12 Plans, specifications, and estimates filed in office of district
61-24.8-13 Hearing - Notice - Contents
61-24.8-14 Voting on proposed projects
61-24.8-15 Voting right or powers of landowners
61-24.8-16 Assessment of cost of project
61-24.8-17 Assessment list to be published - Notice of hearing - Alteration of assessments - Confirmation of assessment list - Filing
61-24.8-18 Appeal to department of water resources
61-24.8-19 When assessments may be made
61-24.8-20 Correction of errors and mistakes in special assessments - Requirements governing
61-24.8-21 Lien of special assessment
61-24.8-22 Irrigation improvements in districts - Paid by service charges
61-24.8-23 Abbreviations, letters, or figures
61-24.8-24 Record of improvements - Record as evidence
61-24.8-25 Defects and irregularities in improvement proceedings
61-24.8-26 Payment of special assessments - Interest
61-24.8-27 Lien between vendor and vendee of special assessments
61-24.8-28 Irrigation special assessments extended over a period of not more than thirty years
61-24.8-29 Payments in full of assessments - Payments to county treasurer or district treasurer - Receipts
61-24.8-30 Certification of assessments to county auditor
61-24.8-31 District treasurer to insert amount of improvements in county real estate book or other forms - Regulations governing
61-24.8-32 Extension of special assessments on tax lists - Collection - Payment over to district
61-24.8-33 Special assessment record book kept by county auditor - Assessments certified for more than one year
61-24.8-34 County treasurer to certify and receipt for amount of special assessments collected - Contents of certificate - Procedure for abatement
61-24.8-35 Interest and penalties added to special assessments - County treasurer to collect and pay over
61-24.8-36 Special improvement moneys to be kept separate - Designation and numbering of funds - Diversion of moneys prohibited
61-24.8-37 Bonds - When payable - Amounts - Interest
61-24.8-38 Bonds may be used in making payments on contract - Bonds payable out of fund on which drawn - May be used to pay special assessments
61-24.8-39 Refunding special assessment bonds - Purposes for which such bonds may be issued - Payment of bonds
61-24.8-40 Foreclosure of tax lien on property when general and special assessment taxes are delinquent
61-24.8-41 Contracts for construction or maintenance of project

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