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Chapter 61-24.5

Southwest Water Authority
Section Section Name
61-24.5-01 Findings and declaration of policy
61-24.5-02 Definitions
61-24.5-03 Southwest water authority created
61-24.5-04 Board of directors ‑ Officers ‑ Meetings ‑ Compensation
61-24.5-05 Initial board of directors
61-24.5-06 Election of county directors of the southwest water authority
61-24.5-07 Election of city directors of the southwest water authority
61-24.5-08 Term of office of directors ‑ Oath of office ‑ Bonds
61-24.5-09 Powers and duties of the district board of directors
61-24.5-10 District budget ‑ Tax levy
61-24.5-11 District budget ‑ Determination of amount to be levied ‑ Adoption of levy ‑ Limitation
61-24.5-12 Board to certify mill levy to city auditors, county auditors, and state tax commissioner
61-24.5-13 County auditors to extend tax levy
61-24.5-14 County treasurer or city auditor to collect and remit district taxes ‑ District fund established ‑ Nonreverter ‑ Disbursements
61-24.5-15 Proceedings to confirm contract
61-24.5-16 Procedure for exclusion from authority of county not benefited
61-24.5-17 Appeal from orders of authority board
61-24.5-18 Easement granted for ditches, canals, tramways, and transmission lines on any public lands
61-24.5-19 Operation and maintenance fund
61-24.5-20 Revenues for operation and maintenance ‑ Deposit ‑ Use
61-24.5-21 Reserve fund for replacement
61-24.5-22 Revenues for replacement ‑ Deposit ‑ Use

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