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Chapter 61-24.3

Southwest Pipeline Project
Section Section Name
61-24.3-01 Legislative findings and intent
61-24.3-02 Definitions
61-24.3-03 Authorization of southwest pipeline project
61-24.3-03.1 Preference for resident pipeline manufacturers and bidders for labor and services
61-24.3-04 Water treatment
61-24.3-05 Intake structure
61-24.3-06 Secondary transmission mains
61-24.3-06.1 Water distribution lines
61-24.3-07 Capacity for industrial use
61-24.3-08 Capacity for South Dakota users
61-24.3-09 Pipeline construction standards
61-24.3-10 Commission to construct, operate, and maintain southwest pipeline project ‑ Rules made by commission
61-24.3-10.1 Deposits of income
61-24.3-11 Commission to fix water rates for the southwest pipeline project
61-24.3-12 Operation and maintenance ‑ Commission to employ manager and employees
61-24.3-13 Removal and discharge of appointees
61-24.3-14 Operation and maintenance fund
61-24.3-15 Revenues for operation and maintenance ‑ Deposit ‑ Use
61-24.3-16 Reserve fund for replacement
61-24.3-17 Revenues for replacement ‑ Deposit ‑ Use
61-24.3-18 Water rates for capital costs ‑ Deposit
61-24.3-19 Validation of water service contracts
61-24.3-20 Other pipelines ‑ Commission approval required
61-24.3-21 Authorization of facilities ‑ Water service areas

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