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Chapter 61-21

Drainage Assessment Projects
Section Section Name
61-21-01 Definitions
61-21-02 Watercourses, ditches, and drains may be constructed, maintained, repaired, improved, or extended
61-21-02.1 Assessment drain culverts
61-21-03 Board of drainage commissioners ‑ Appointment ‑ Term ‑ Removal ‑ Compensation
61-21-04 State and county officers not eligible as drain commissioners ‑ Matters of personal interest to drain commissioners
61-21-05 Powers of board
61-21-06 Board's report to board of county commissioners ‑ Contents ‑ Inspection ‑ Liability of drain commissioner on bond
61-21-07 Oath and bond filed by drain commissioners ‑ Organization of board ‑ Quorum
61-21-08 Office, records, clerk, and employment of personnel
61-21-09 Levy for administrative expense ‑ Payment of commissioners' salaries and overhead expense
61-21-10 Petition for construction of drain ‑ Purposes of drain ‑ Signers to petition
61-21-11 Bond required from petitioners
61-21-12 Examination of line for drain ‑ Designation of surveyor ‑ Specifications ‑ Cost estimates
61-21-13 Hearing on petition to establish drain and surveyor's report ‑ Notice ‑ Contents
61-21-14 Conduct of hearing on petition to establish drain
61-21-15 Denying or making order establishing drain ‑ Costs when petition denied
61-21-16 Voting right or power of landowners
61-21-17 Notice of order establishing drain and period for appeal
61-21-18 Appeal to district court ‑ Time ‑ Undertaking ‑ Hearing
61-21-19 Right of way ‑ How acquired ‑ Assessment of damages ‑ Issuance of warrants
61-21-20 Assessing cost of constructing and maintaining drain
61-21-21 Assessment subject to review ‑ Notice of time and place
61-21-22 Hearing on assessment ‑ Appeal ‑ Correction of assessments ‑ Relocating drain ‑ Fees
61-21-23 Recording assessment
61-21-24 Notice of letting of contracts
61-21-25 Letting of contracts for drains
61-21-26 Extension of time to contractors ‑ Reletting unfinished part of contract
61-21-27 Apportionment and taxation of costs
61-21-28 Collection of drain taxes
61-21-29 Payment of costs and expenses of locating, constructing, maintaining, and improving drain ‑ Warrants issued
61-21-30 Additional assessment to meet deficit or additional expense
61-21-31 Drains along and across public roads and railroads
61-21-32 Construction of bridges and culverts ‑ Cost
61-21-32.1 Culvert and pipe arch bids and acceptance
61-21-33 Boards of two or more counties may construct drains through counties
61-21-34 Procedure to construct or extend a drain through or into two or more counties
61-21-35 Settlement of unpaid warrants
61-21-36 Cooperating with drainage boards or officials of other states in drainage matters
61-21-37 Drainage boards or commissioners of different states may meet in joint conference to effectuate cooperation
61-21-38 Proceedings in drainage matters other than establishment and construction of drains ‑ Establishment of lateral drains
61-21-39 Petition for a lateral drain ‑ Bond of petitioners ‑ Penalty
61-21-40 Collection of tax or assessment levied not to be enjoined or declared void ‑ Exceptions
61-21-41 Establishing new drains in location of invalid or abandoned drain
61-21-42 Drain kept open and in repair by board
61-21-43 Assessment of costs of cleaning and repairing drains
61-21-43.1 Removal of obstructions to drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction
61-21-44 Reassessment of benefits
61-21-45 Contracts for work of cleaning and repairing drains
61-21-46 Maximum levy ‑ Accumulation of fund
61-21-47 Expenditures in excess of maximum levy
61-21-48 Reconveyance of land no longer required for drainage purposes
61-21-49 County may pay share of drainage taxes on tax deed lands
61-21-50 Drain warrants ‑ Terms and amounts
61-21-51 Payment of drain assessments ‑ Interest
61-21-52 Lien for and enforcement of drain assessments
61-21-53 Drain bonds
61-21-54 Sinking funds and bonds
61-21-55 Liability for deficiencies ‑ Maintenance of sinking fund
61-21-56 Dissolution of drainage district ‑ Return of unexpended assessments
61-21-57 Penalty for violation of rules and regulations
61-21-58 Existing obligations and regulations
61-21-59 City application for joint drain
61-21-60 Hearing on city joint drain
61-21-61 Payments for city joint drain
61-21-62 Board may apportion assessments for benefits of an established drain against a county or city or any tract of land benefited by an established drain
61-21-63 Drains having a common outlet may be consolidated
61-21-64 Outlets
61-21-65 Consolidation of drainage district or districts into water resource districts
61-21-66 Dissolution prohibited when liabilities outstanding ‑ Disposition of assets
61-21-67 Closing of noncomplying drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction

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