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Chapter 61-16

Creation of Water Resource Districts - Boards
Section Section Name
61-16-01 Definitions
61-16-02 Petition for establishment of water conservation and flood control district ‑ Hearing thereon and investigation ‑ District when created
61-16-03 Bond to accompany petition for district ‑ When ‑ Exception
61-16-04 Resolution of governing body of public corporation filed with commission
61-16-05 Water resource districts ‑ Area to be included
61-16-06 Order creating water resource district
61-16-06.1 Consolidation of water resource districts
61-16-07 Water resource board ‑ Appointment and number
61-16-08 Eligibility for appointment to board ‑ Term of office ‑ Removal ‑ Filling vacancies ‑ Compensation of managers
61-16-08.1 Appointment of alternate board member due to conflict of interest or illness
61-16-09 Oath of office ‑ Organization of water resource board ‑ Appointment of employees ‑ Meetings
61-16-10 Bonds of treasurer and appointive officers
61-16-11 Powers and duties of board of commissioners
61-16-11.1 Joint exercise of powers
61-16-12 District budget ‑ Tax levy ‑ Financing by special assessment
61-16-13 District may issue warrants in anticipation of taxes levied to pay current expenses
61-16-14 County treasurer to collect and remit taxes to district treasurer ‑ Deposit of district funds
61-16-15 Construction and repair of dam ‑ Proposals for ‑ Presented to whom ‑ Hearing proposals
61-16-16 Commission and board of commissioners shall encourage construction of dams and other water control devices
61-16-17 Dams constructed within a district shall come under control of board of commissioners
61-16-18 When dams constructed by federal agency under control of water management district
61-16-19 May contract with federal and state governments ‑ Local districts, persons and corporations ‑ Canadian government, provinces and municipalities ‑ Acquire property in adjoining states and provinces
61-16-19.1 Contracts for construction or maintenance of project
61-16-20 Exemption of federal agencies from provisions of chapter ‑ Purpose of chapter
61-16-21 Financing project through special assessments or partly through general taxes and partly through special assessments ‑ Apportionment of benefits
61-16-22 Financing of special improvements ‑ Procedure
61-16-23 Resolution of board to include provision for protesting and refusing authority to make general tax levy in certain cases ‑ Election to be held
61-16-24 When assessments may be made
61-16-25 Assessment lists
61-16-26 Assessment list to be prepared ‑ Contents ‑ Certificate attached to assessment list ‑ Preparation of assessment list and notice of hearing of objection to list ‑ Alteration of assessments at hearing ‑ Limitations ‑ Confirmation of assessment list of board certifying list ‑ Filing
61-16-26.1 Reassessment of benefits
61-16-27 Correction of errors, and mistakes in special assessments ‑ Regulations governing
61-16-28 Certification of assessments to county auditor
61-16-28.1 Removal of an obstruction to a drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction ‑ Definition
61-16-29 Extension of special assessments on tax lists ‑ Collection ‑ Payment to water management district
61-16-30 Lien of special assessment
61-16-31 Sale of property when general and special assessment taxes are delinquent
61-16-32 Warrants ‑ Issuance ‑ When payable ‑ Amounts ‑ Interest ‑ Interest coupons
61-16-33 Warrants may be used in making payments on contract ‑ Warrants payable out of fund on which drawn ‑ May be used to pay special assessments
61-16-34 Refunding special assessment warrants ‑ Purposes for which such warrants may be issued ‑ Payment of warrants
61-16-34.1 Refunding outstanding refunding warrants ‑ Terms and conditions
61-16-35 Financial reports ‑ Liability for deficiencies
61-16-36 Appeal from decision of commission or board of commissioners ‑ Undertaking ‑ Jurisdiction
61-16-37 Appeal from decision of commission or board of commissioners ‑ How to be taken
61-16-38 Time for taking appeal from commission or board of commissioners
61-16-39 Filing appeal ‑ Docketing and hearing appeals ‑ Final judgment and sending back
61-16-40 State's attorney and attorney general to assist boards ‑ Employment of counsel
61-16-41 Construction of bridges and culverts ‑ Cost
61-16-42 How district may be dissolved or land excluded therefrom
61-16-43 Proceedings to judicially confirm contracts, special assessments and other acts
61-16-44 Penalty for violation of chapter
61-16-45 Validating organization and acts of water conservation and flood control districts
61-16-46 Drains along and across public roads and railroads
61-16-47 Construction of bridges and culverts ‑ Costs
61-16-47.1 Culvert and pipe arch bids and acceptance
61-16-48 Consolidation of water management districts
61-16-49 Division of a water management district
61-16-50 Closing a noncomplying drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction
61-16-51 Closing a noncomplying dike or dam ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction

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