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Chapter 61-16.2

Floodplain Management
Section Section Name
61-16.2-01 Legislative intent and purpose
61-16.2-02 Definitions
61-16.2-03 Duties of the department
61-16.2-04 Delineation of floodplains and floodways
61-16.2-05 Floodplain management ordinances
61-16.2-06 Permissible floodway uses
61-16.2-07 Prohibited uses within floodway
61-16.2-08 Community standards ‑ Permissible uses within flood fringe
61-16.2-09 Enforcement and penalties
61-16.2-10 Exceptions
61-16.2-11 Authority to enter and investigate lands or waters
61-16.2-12 State property
61-16.2-13 Flood insurance
61-16.2-14 Department review of development in regulatory floodways ‑ Exceptions

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