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Chapter 61-14

General Rules Governing Irrigation
Section Section Name
61-14-01 Units of measurement
61-14-02 Unused water reverts to public
61-14-03 Amount of water for irrigation
61-14-04 Water appurtenant to land for irrigation purposes
61-14-05 Change of use or place of diversion
61-14-06 Measuring devices ‑ Unlawful to take water without using
61-14-07 Unlawful interference with rights to use of water ‑ Penalty
61-14-08 Unlawful use of water and waste ‑ Penalty
61-14-09 Bridges over ditches or canals ‑ Penalty
61-14-10 Obstructing works unlawful
61-14-11 Penalty
61-14-12 Liens on land
61-14-13 Seepage water
61-14-14 Disposition of state lands
61-14-15 Unauthorized diversion of water from irrigation ditches
61-14-16 Willfully allowing water to flow or fall upon roadway prohibited ‑ Penalty

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