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Chapter 61-12

Flood Irrigation Projects
Section Section Name
61-12-01 When improvements may be constructed
61-12-02 Board of flood irrigation ‑ How appointed ‑ Filling vacancies ‑ Office
61-12-03 Oath ‑ Bond ‑ Members of flood irrigation board
61-12-04 Organization of board of flood irrigation
61-12-05 Legal adviser of board of flood irrigation
61-12-06 Dam construction ‑ Petition accompanied by map
61-12-07 Examination of damsite by board of flood irrigation ‑ Appointment of engineer
61-12-08 Bond of petitioners ‑ When required
61-12-09 Examinations and surveys ‑ Authority to enter lands
61-12-10 Reports and plans of engineer ‑ Copies filed with county auditor
61-12-11 Location of improvement ‑ Variance from petition
61-12-12 Time for hearing fixed ‑ Notice
61-12-13 Contents of notice
61-12-14 Evidence ‑ Petition to discontinue proceedings
61-12-15 Showing required to establish project
61-12-16 Assessment of damages ‑ How made
61-12-17 Review of assessment ‑ Ten‑day notice ‑ Place of hearing
61-12-18 Petition for review of assessments
61-12-19 Issue placed on court calendar ‑ Judgment ‑ Costs
61-12-20 Rights of way
61-12-21 Damages ‑ How paid
61-12-22 Assessment of accruing benefits
61-12-23 Assessment of benefits subject to review
61-12-24 Return of assessment of benefits
61-12-25 Notice of construction ‑ Letting of contracts
61-12-26 Computation of costs ‑ Contents
61-12-27 Apportionment and enforcement of taxes
61-12-28 Collection of flood irrigation taxes ‑ Payment of expenses
61-12-29 Additional assessments ‑ When necessary
61-12-30 Board of flood irrigation may contract for purchase of water ‑ Assessment for maintenance
61-12-31 Joint powers of flood irrigation boards in two or more counties ‑ Apportionment of cost
61-12-32 Tax or assessment not void
61-12-33 New proceedings ‑ When
61-12-34 Liability of members of flood irrigation board
61-12-35 Compensation of members of the board
61-12-36 Power of board of flood irrigation to administer oath
61-12-37 Bonds ‑ Issuance ‑ Payment
61-12-38 Interest rate of bonds
61-12-39 Payment of entire assessment by landowner
61-12-40 Notice of issue of bonds ‑ Given by county auditor
61-12-41 Sinking fund
61-12-42 Bonds issued on amortization plan
61-12-43 Regulations concerning issuance of bonds under this chapter
61-12-44 Levy of tax for interest ‑ Separate sinking funds ‑ County not liable for bonds
61-12-45 Assessment of omitted property ‑ Additional assessments
61-12-46 Department of water resources to assist county board of flood irrigation
61-12-47 Assessment for drainage
61-12-48 Transfer of sinking fund to maintenance fund ‑ Duty of county treasurer

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