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Chapter 61-11

Dissolution of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-11-01 Petition to board of directors for dissolution of district ‑ Requirements ‑ Adoption of resolution calling special election
61-11-02 Notice of election for dissolution of district ‑ Publication
61-11-03 Ballots to be provided ‑ Form
61-11-04 Conduct of election ‑ Canvassing and reporting result of election
61-11-05 Procedure when election favors dissolution ‑ Notice to file claims against district ‑ What claims barred
61-11-06 Vote against dissolution of district ‑ Subsequent election for dissolution not to be held for one year
61-11-07 Resolution of dissolution when election favors dissolution ‑ Officers and board to act until obligations settled
61-11-08 Sale of district property authorized ‑ Appraisers appointed ‑ Oath ‑ Compensation
61-11-09 Appraisal of property by appraisers ‑ Report to board ‑ Advertising property for sale ‑ Opening of bids
61-11-10 Private sale of property of district ‑ When permitted ‑ Terms ‑ Proceeds of sale
61-11-11 Sale or transfer of property authorized
61-11-12 Liquidation of district indebtedness
61-11-13 Sale does not affect vested water rights
61-11-14 Sale does not affect or release assessment liens ‑ Duty of county treasurer
61-11-15 Report of dissolution when ‑ Where filed ‑ Contents ‑ Recording of in office of recorder
61-11-16 Surplus moneys of district ‑ Disposal

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