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Chapter 61-10

Changing Boundaries of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-10-01 Change of district boundaries ‑ Effect
61-10-02 Petition for inclusion of land in district ‑ Contents of petition
61-10-03 Notice of petition to include land in district ‑ Contents ‑ Time required by notice ‑ Cost
61-10-04 Hearing of petition on proposed change in boundaries ‑ Assent of parties
61-10-05 Payment of share of original cost by petitioners required
61-10-06 Power of board to reject or grant petition for inclusion of land ‑ Survey required
61-10-07 Objections to change ‑ Resolution adopting change ‑ Contents of resolution
61-10-08 Ordering of election ‑ Notice, contents ‑ Ballots, contents
61-10-09 Result of election ‑ Duty of board
61-10-10 Copy of order changing boundaries filed with recorder ‑ Effect
61-10-11 Petition to be recorded by secretary ‑ Evidence
61-10-12 Authority of guardians, personal representatives, and conservators on proposal to change boundaries of district
61-10-13 When redivision of district into divisions ‑ Directors elected from
61-10-14 Exclusion of land from district ‑ Petition for ‑ Contents ‑ Description of lands in ‑ Acknowledging
61-10-15 Notice of petition for exclusion of lands ‑ Contents ‑ Publishing or posting ‑ Time specified in notice
61-10-16 Hearing petition and objections thereto ‑ Assent of parties
61-10-17 Power of board to deny or grant petition for exclusion of lands
61-10-18 Bonds or improvement warrants outstanding ‑ Resolution excluding from district ‑ Assent to ‑ Acknowledgment
61-10-19 Election ordered to determine exclusion of lands ‑ Publishing and posting ‑ Form of ballots ‑ Conducting
61-10-20 Result of election ‑ Survey ordered by board
61-10-21 Filing copy of orders ‑ Effect
61-10-22 Effect of change on office of director upon exclusion of lands ‑ Vacancy ‑ How filled
61-10-23 Redivision of district
61-10-24 Refunding assessments to owners of lands excluded
61-10-25 Notice of filing of petition and hearing thereof ‑ Cost of proceedings
61-10-26 Hearing of petition ‑ Assent of parties
61-10-27 Board may include lands in district
61-10-28 Electors may object to inclusion of lands ‑ Board may call an election
61-10-29 Ordering of election ‑ Notice ‑ Conduct
61-10-30 Result of election ‑ Duty of the board and secretary
61-10-31 Redivision of district into divisions
61-10-32 Petition for exclusion of land from irrigation district ‑ Bond ‑ Contents
61-10-33 Notice of hearing of petition
61-10-34 Board may grant or deny petition for exclusion of lands
61-10-35 Outstanding bonds or improvement warrants or contractual obligations ‑ Order excluding lands ‑ Assent
61-10-36 Election to determine exclusion of land ‑ Notice of election ‑ Form of ballot ‑ Conduct of election
61-10-37 Result of election ‑ Order excluding lands
61-10-38 Elimination of divisions of district

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