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Chapter 61-08

Fiscal Affairs of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-08-01 Resolution to institute initial proceedings for bonds ‑ Contents ‑ Adoption
61-08-02 Adopting initial resolutions by board ‑ Date of election ‑ Contents of resolution ‑ Conduct of election
61-08-03 Notice of election ‑ Contents
61-08-04 Ballot for election ‑ Contents ‑ Spoiled or blank ballots not counted
61-08-05 Majority of votes favoring issuance of bonds ‑ Duty of board
61-08-06 Bonds ‑ Terms
61-08-07 Bonds ‑ Rate of interest
61-08-08 Denominations of bonds ‑ Payable in lawful money of United States
61-08-09 Execution of bonds ‑ Validity of bonds not impaired by change in officers
61-08-10 Registration of bond by secretary ‑ Contents ‑ Copy filed with county auditor ‑ Secretary to endorse
61-08-11 Cancellation of bonds authorized but not paid ‑ Destruction of bonds ‑ Affidavit of destruction ‑ Filing
61-08-12 Sale of bonds ‑ Contents of notice
61-08-13 Opening bids for bond issues ‑ Record of bids kept ‑ Bids accompanied by check
61-08-14 Awarding sale of bond issue ‑ Rejecting bids
61-08-15 Officer of irrigation district accepting commission or compensation in regard to bonds ‑ Misdemeanor
61-08-16 Registration of bearer bonds ‑ Transfer must be recorded in register ‑ Registration not to affect negotiability of coupons
61-08-17 When issuance of district improvement warrants permissible
61-08-18 Use of district improvement warrants ‑ Assessments levied to raise funds to pay improvement warrants
61-08-19 Improvement warrants ‑ Amount ‑ When payable ‑ Maturity
61-08-20 Interest on warrants ‑ Signatures ‑ Contents
61-08-21 Registration of warrants by secretary ‑ Filing copy of record in county auditor's office
61-08-22 Bonds may be secured by trust indenture ‑ Powers vested in trustee
61-08-23 Where money received from bond issue placed ‑ Lien on money
61-08-24 Board may appoint fiscal agent ‑ Who may be
61-08-25 Bonds and contracts payable from assessments of real property and from water charges
61-08-26 County treasurer to be custodian of funds
61-08-27 District treasurer to remit moneys to county treasurer ‑ Crediting proper fund
61-08-28 Payment of bonds and interest
61-08-29 Claims paid by district treasurer ‑ Insufficient funds ‑ Verification of claims
61-08-30 Board may withdraw funds from district and deposit with county treasurer ‑ Duty of treasurer
61-08-31 County treasurer to make report to board monthly
61-08-32 District treasurer to make report to board ‑ Verifying and filing
61-08-33 District treasurer to keep warrant register ‑ Contents ‑ How warrants payable
61-08-34 Refunding irrigation district bonds ‑ Negotiating new bonds
61-08-35 Procedure used in issuing refunding bonds
61-08-36 Refunding bonds ‑ When payable ‑ Interest ‑ Denominations ‑ Interest coupons
61-08-37 Refunding bonds may be exchanged or sold
61-08-38 Amount of refunding bonds issued
61-08-39 Assessments ‑ Proceeds ‑ Levy
61-08-40 Provisions relating to payment of bonds applicable to refunding bonds
61-08-41 Issuance of revenue bonds
61-08-42 Payment and security for revenue bonds

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