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Chapter 61-07

Powers of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-07-01 Powers and duties of irrigation district
61-07-02 Legal title to property acquired in corporate name
61-07-03 Powers and duties of board of directors
61-07-04 Construction across streams, highways, railroads, and ditches ‑ Right of way
61-07-05 Purchase of land after foreclosure of tax lien
61-07-06 Contracts entered into by district ‑ Contracts for materials ‑ Reservations in contracts
61-07-07 Board to formulate general plan of operation ‑ Contents
61-07-08 Surveys, examinations, and plans made to determine cost of construction in district ‑ Department of water resources to prepare report
61-07-09 Advertising for bids
61-07-10 Expense of purchasing and acquiring property and constructing irrigation works ‑ Insufficiency of bonds
61-07-11 District entering into agreements with others for payment of cost of establishing or constructing works
61-07-12 Expenses ‑ How paid
61-07-13 Agreement by board to conform to laws of various departments or agencies to secure financial aid
61-07-14 Irrigation districts may accept acts of Congress ‑ Contracting with United States ‑ Provisions of section not a limitation
61-07-15 District may obtain financial aid from United States
61-07-16 Irrigation district shall provide for proper drainage of lands ‑ Payment
61-07-17 Apportionment of water when supply insufficient
61-07-18 Duty of board to provide water supply
61-07-19 Petition for specific orders or changes in canals or other conveyance systems ‑ Methods
61-07-20 Provisions of title not to take away vested rights
61-07-21 Incurring liability in excess of provisions of chapter prohibited ‑ Exception
61-07-22 Commencement of special proceedings to confirm contracts, special assessment, or other action
61-07-23 Petition by board for court to examine and approve contracts or assessments ‑ Contents of petition
61-07-24 Hearing of petition ‑ Notice of filing and hearing
61-07-25 Answer to petition ‑ Defense by person interested
61-07-26 Powers of court upon trial ‑ Amendment of petition
61-07-27 Conclusion of hearing ‑ Findings ‑ Decree ‑ Costs of hearing ‑ Filing copies of findings
61-07-28 Procuring water supply from district outside of state ‑ Validity and legality
61-07-29 Board may enter into a contract for supply of water ‑ Payment ‑ Source
61-07-30 Contract for payment for supply of water ‑ Assessments may be made against lands
61-07-31 Contract for supply of water extending over one year approved at election ‑ Regulations governing election
61-07-32 Liability for failure to deliver water
61-07-33 Appeal to district court ‑ Time ‑ Undertaking required ‑ Docketing

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