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Chapter 61-06

Government of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-06-01 Board of directors of irrigation district ‑ Terms ‑ Vacancies
61-06-02 Directors elected subsequent to organization assume office ‑ Time ‑ Term
61-06-03 Oath and bond of boards of directors ‑ Filing
61-06-04 Meeting of directors ‑ Organization ‑ Officers ‑ Quorum ‑ Term of officers
61-06-05 Official bonds of assessor, district treasurer, and other employees ‑ Approval and filing of bonds
61-06-06 District organized under provisions of chapter appointed fiscal agent of the United States
61-06-07 Form of official bonds provided for in chapter ‑ Obligee in bond
61-06-08 Officers or employees bonded in state bonding fund ‑ Premium paid by whom
61-06-09 Regular election of irrigation districts ‑ Mail ballot elections
61-06-10 Notice of election after district is organized ‑ Contents ‑ Form
61-06-11 Board of election of irrigation district ‑ Failure of member of election board to be present
61-06-12 Candidates at election ‑ Filing names
61-06-13 Ballot at irrigation district elections ‑ Contents ‑ Mail ballots
61-06-14 Oath required of members of election board ‑ Chairman of election board to administer
61-06-15 Opening and closing hours of polls at irrigation district elections
61-06-16 Canvass of ballots ‑ Delivery of materials to directors
61-06-17 Compensation of members of election board
61-06-18 Return and canvass of votes by board of directors
61-06-19 Secretary of board of directors to declare result of election ‑ Contents
61-06-20 Board of directors to declare results of election ‑ Secretary to issue certificates of election
61-06-21 Meetings of board ‑ Regular and special ‑ Quorum ‑ Records of board
61-06-21.1 Transactions of irrigation districts made public records ‑ Grounds for removal of director or officer
61-06-22 Directors and officers ‑ Salary, mileage, and expenses
61-06-23 Officers not to be interested in contract ‑ Penalty

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