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Chapter 61-05

Organization of Irrigation Districts
Section Section Name
61-05-01 Definitions
61-05-02 Proposals for irrigation district ‑ Electors required
61-05-02.1 Creation and jurisdiction of irrigation district ‑ Limitations
61-05-03 Votes of electors ‑ Number permissible
61-05-04 Fiduciary must file proof of authority ‑ Appointment of agent
61-05-05 Co-owners of land in irrigation district ‑ Who may vote
61-05-06 Private or public corporation or limited liability company may designate agent to vote
61-05-07 Petition for a proposed irrigation district ‑ Where filed ‑ Signed by whom ‑ Contents
61-05-08 Petition accompanied by map ‑ Contents ‑ Scale
61-05-09 Petition accompanied by bond ‑ Approval of bond ‑ Certified copy of petition filed
61-05-10 Hearing on petition ‑ Notice ‑ Report on feasibility ‑ Copy of report filed ‑ Submitted to electors
61-05-11 Amendment of plan of irrigation ‑ Adjournment of hearing by department of water resources
61-05-12 Department of water resources may make order denying petition ‑ Filing
61-05-13 Order establishing irrigation district ‑ Calling election ‑ Dividing district ‑ Contents of order
61-05-14 Notice of election ‑ Contents ‑ Publication
61-05-15 Form of notice of election
61-05-16 Department of water resources to appoint clerk and two judges of election ‑ Filling vacancies on board
61-05-17 Conduct of election ‑ Votes canvassed by board and department of water resources ‑ Retaining ballots
61-05-18 Election governing organization of district ‑ Filing record of election ‑ Certificates of election to directors
61-05-19 Department of water resources to file order with secretary of state ‑ Secretary of state to make certificate ‑ Evidence
61-05-20 Appeal to district court from orders and decisions of the department of water resources ‑ Time ‑ Undertaking
61-05-21 Validating organization and acts of irrigation districts

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