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Chapter 61-04

Appropriation of Water
Section Section Name
61-04-01 Petitions, reports, surveys, and other documents filed with the commission
61-04-01.1 Definitions
61-04-01.2 Beneficial use requirement
61-04-02 Permit for beneficial use of water required
61-04-02.1 Emergency or temporary authorization
61-04-02.2 Property interest required to hold a water permit
61-04-03 Water permit application ‑ Contents ‑ Information to accompany
61-04-03.1 Limitation on amount of water
61-04-04 Filing and correction of application
61-04-04.1 Application fees
61-04-04.2 Refund of water permit application fees
61-04-04.3 Rejection of applications
61-04-05 Notice of application ‑ Contents ‑ Proof ‑ Failure to file satisfactory proof
61-04-05.1 Comments ‑ Hearing
61-04-06 Criteria for issuance of permit
61-04-06.1 Preference in granting permits
61-04-06.2 Terms of permit - Disposition of fees
61-04-06.3 Priority
61-04-07 Rejection of applications ‑ Appeal to district court
61-04-07.1 Approval of applications with conditions
61-04-07.2 Conditional water permit application denial
61-04-07.3 Conditional water permit application deferral
61-04-08 Prosecution of work ‑ State engineer may approve another application upon failure of original applicant to complete ‑ Exception
61-04-09 Application to beneficial use ‑ Inspection ‑ Perfected water permit
61-04-10 Certificate of construction issued when works found in satisfactory condition ‑ Contents
61-04-11 Inspection of works
61-04-12 Use of unsafe works ‑ Penalty
61-04-13 Application of water to beneficial use ‑ Inspection
61-04-14 Extending time for application to beneficial use
61-04-15 Assignment of conditional or perfected water permit
61-04-15.1 Change in point of diversion or use
61-04-15.2 Add a point of diversion
61-04-15.3 Transfer of approved irrigated acreage
61-04-15.4 Change in purpose of use
61-04-16 Referee or referees appointed in water suits ‑ Duties
61-04-17 Surplus water to be delivered to persons entitled to beneficial use ‑ Charges ‑ Compelling delivery
61-04-18 Appropriation of water from minor stream for agricultural use
61-04-19 Filing of location certificate ‑ Contents
61-04-20 Approval of state engineer ‑ Rights of claimant ‑ Procedure
61-04-21 Amount of water allowed
61-04-22 Prescriptive water right
61-04-23 Cancellation of water rights ‑ Inspection of works
61-04-24 Cancellation of water rights ‑ Notice ‑ Contents
61-04-25 Cancellation of water rights ‑ Hearing ‑ Appeal
61-04-26 Recorder to record water permit or order affecting water right
61-04-27 Information filed with department of water resources ‑ Installation of measuring devices
61-04-28 Correction of application or water right by department of water resources
61-04-29 Enforcement
61-04-30 Penalty
61-04-31 Reservation of waters ‑ Public hearing ‑ Notice
61-04-32 Damages for illegal diminishment of water supply

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