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Chapter 61-03

State Engineer
Section Section Name
61-03-01 State engineer ‑ Appointment ‑ Qualifications ‑ Term ‑ Salary ‑ Engaging in private practice
61-03-02 Oath of state engineer
61-03-03 Auditing of claims
61-03-04 Biennial report
61-03-05 Fees of state engineer
61-03-05.1 Deposit of certain fees in special fund ‑ Purposes of fund
61-03-06 Records of state engineer ‑ Open to public ‑ Contents ‑ Certified copies as evidence
61-03-07 Investigations and reports for board of university and school lands
61-03-08 Duty of state engineer to cooperate with boards of county commissioners when requested
61-03-09 State engineer's duties in construction of bridges and culverts
61-03-10 Custodian of government plats
61-03-11 Furnishing copies
61-03-12 Attorney general and state's attorney advisers of state engineer
61-03-13 Rules and regulations made by state engineer ‑ Modification
61-03-14 Modification of rules and regulations of engineer voted upon only upon appeal from engineer
61-03-15 Hydrographic surveys and investigations made by state engineer ‑ Cooperating with federal agencies
61-03-16 Suit for adjudication of water rights
61-03-17 Parties to and costs of suit for adjudication of water rights
61-03-18 Hydrographic survey fund ‑ Use ‑ Payments
61-03-19 Decree adjudicating water rights ‑ Filing ‑ Contents
61-03-20 State engineer to cooperate with United States geological survey in making topographic maps
61-03-21 State engineer may require plan of operation ‑ Adequate structure
61-03-21.1 Inspection by state engineer
61-03-21.2 Removal or modification of unsafe or unauthorized works
61-03-21.3 Removal, modification, or destruction of dangers in, on the bed of, or adjacent to navigable waters
61-03-21.4 Economic analysis process required for certain projects
61-03-22 Hearing ‑ Appeals from decision of state engineer
61-03-23 Penalties ‑ Civil
61-03-24 Pending administrative actions and permits
61-03-25 Emergency action plan - High‑hazard or medium‑hazard dam

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