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Chapter 61-01

General Provisions
Section Section Name
61-01-01 Waters of the state ‑ Public waters
61-01-01.1 Reciprocal rights of riparian owners
61-01-01.2 Findings and declaration of policy ‑ Use of ground water for irrigation
61-01-02 Right to use water ‑ Basis ‑ Waters appropriated for irrigation purposes ‑ Priority in time
61-01-03 Claims to the use of water initiated prior to and after March 1, 1905
61-01-04 Eminent domain ‑ Who may exercise
61-01-05 Reclaiming waters turned into natural or artificial watercourse
61-01-06 Watercourse ‑ Definition
61-01-07 Obstruction of watercourses ‑ Penalty
61-01-08 Obstructing navigation ‑ Penalty
61-01-09 Destruction of dams ‑ Penalty
61-01-10 Interference with piers or booms ‑ Penalty
61-01-11 Removing or injuring piles ‑ Penalty
61-01-12 Fouling waters with gas tar or other refuse ‑ Penalty
61-01-13 Fouling public waters with dead animals or other refuse ‑ Penalty
61-01-14 Fouling public water ‑ What included
61-01-15 Riparian owners of land lying adjacent to non-navigable streams
61-01-16 Erection of guards when cutting ice ‑ Penalty for failure to do so
61-01-17 Lawful to boom logs in navigable rivers
61-01-18 State or municipalities may join water users' associations ‑ Fee for recording articles by recorder
61-01-19 Right of way granted
61-01-20 When special assessments shall become a lien
61-01-21 Foreclosure of property when only special assessment is delinquent
61-01-22 Permit to drain waters required ‑ Penalty
61-01-23 Investigation or removal of obstructions in channel
61-01-24 Mouse official name of river
61-01-25 Penalty
61-01-26 Declaration of state water resources policy
61-01-26.1 Findings and declaration of policy ‑ Water to eastern North Dakota a critical priority ‑ Water supplementation study ‑ Employment of staff
61-01-26.2 Statewide water development goals
61-01-26.3 Water projects stabilization fund
61-01-27 Procedure for converting mineral wells to water wells

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