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Chapter 54-52.1

Uniform Group Insurance Program
Section Section Name
54-52.1-01 Definitions
54-52.1-02 Uniform group insurance program created ‑ Formation into subgroups
54-52.1-03 Employee participation in plan ‑ Employee to furnish information ‑ Benefits to continue upon retirement or termination
54-52.1-03.1 Certain political subdivisions authorized to join uniform group insurance program ‑ Employer contribution
54-52.1-03.2 Retiree health benefits fund ‑ Appropriation
54-52.1-03.3 Eligibility for retiree health benefits ‑ Fixed contribution and reduction factors
54-52.1-03.4 Temporary employees and employees on unpaid leave of absence
54-52.1-04 Board to contract for insurance
54-52.1-04.1 Health maintenance organization contract ‑ Membership option
54-52.1-04.2 Self‑insurance plan for hospital and medical benefits coverage
54-52.1-04.3 Contingency reserve fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-52.1-04.4 Insurance to cover mammogram examinations
54-52.1-04.5 Insurance to cover involuntary complications of pregnancy
54-52.1-04.6 Coverage for treatment of certain disorders
54-52.1-04.7 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Vision and dental plans
54-52.1-04.8 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Long‑term care plan
54-52.1-04.9 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Employee assistance program
54-52.1-04.10 Insurance to cover dental anesthesia and hospitalization
54-52.1-04.11 Insurance to cover foods and food products for inherited metabolic diseases
54-52.1-04.12 Insurance to cover medical services related to intoxication
54-52.1-04.13 Coverage of telehealth services
54-52.1-04.14 Coverage of cancer treatment medications
54-52.1-04.15 Health insurance benefits coverage ‑ Prescription drug coverage ‑ Transparency ‑ Audits ‑ Confidentiality
54-52.1-05 Provisions of contract - Term of contract
54-52.1-05.1 Health insurance benefits coverage - Insured and provider data disclosure
54-52.1-06 State contribution
54-52.1-06.1 Uniform group insurance program benefits ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-52.1-07 Optional coverage for employee's family
54-52.1-08 Administration ‑ Board to promulgate rules and regulations
54-52.1-08.1 Administrative ‑ Nondiscrimination testing for health and life insurance programs
54-52.1-08.2 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Compliance with federal requirements ‑ Group purchasing arrangements
54-52.1-09 Reports
54-52.1-10 Exemption from state premium tax
54-52.1-11 Confidentiality of employee records
54-52.1-12 Ownership and confidentiality of the uniform group health insurance medical records of employees, retirees, and dependents
54-52.1-13 Uniform prescription drug cards
54-52.1-14 Wellness program
54-52.1-15 Acceptance and expenditure of third‑party payments ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-52.1-16 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Collaborative drug therapy program ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-52.1-17 Uniform group insurance program ‑ Collaborative drug therapy program ‑ Funding
54-52.1-18 High‑deductible health plan alternative with health savings account option

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