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Chapter 54-44

Office of Management and Budget
Section Section Name
54-44-01 Responsibility of the office of management and budget
54-44-02 State office of management and budget
54-44-03 Director of the office of management and budget
54-44-04 Powers and duties of the director of the office of management and budget
54-44-04.1 The director of the office of management and budget shall have authority to withhold or deduct certain amounts from employees' compensation
54-44-04.2 Unemployment compensation assessments to departments and institutions
54-44-04.3 Appropriation of unemployment compensation assessments
54-44-04.4 Payment of unemployment compensation claims
54-44-04.5 Federal surplus property ‑ Office of management and budget responsible for distribution ‑ Powers and duties of director
54-44-04.6 State surplus property ‑ Department heads to inform director ‑ Disposition of property ‑ Proceeds ‑ Exchange of property
54-44-04.7 Responsibility to administer unassigned statutory functions of state government
54-44-04.8 Purchase of state motor vehicles
54-44-04.9 Financial reporting
54-44-05 Warrants ‑ Numbered ‑ Show funds on which drawn ‑ Not drawn unless authorized
54-44-06 Duties as to school fund
54-44-07 Office to set up account against person who fails to render account
54-44-08 Director to institute suits in name of state
54-44-09 Supplies for institutions under control of the office of management and budget
54-44-10 Legislative inspection of books of office of management and budget
54-44-11 Office's operating funds creation ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-44-12 Deposit and disbursement of funds of occupational and professional boards ‑ Appropriation
54-44-13 Failure of political subdivisions to repay natural disaster overpayments ‑ Office of management and budget authorized to withhold funds
54-44-14 Director may sell, lease, exchange, or transfer title or use to all or part of the san haven properties
54-44-15 Reimbursement from institutions of higher education for state's share of default costs
54-44-16 Oil and gas tax revenue put options
54-44-17 State property and institution alternative use grant program

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