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Chapter 54-44.3

Central Personnel System
Section Section Name
54-44.3-01 Purpose of chapter
54-44.3-01.1 Compensation relationships ‑ Policy
54-44.3-01.2 Compensation philosophy statement
54-44.3-02 Definitions
54-44.3-03 State personnel board ‑ Composition ‑ Terms ‑ Vacancies ‑ Qualifications
54-44.3-04 Compensation and expenses of members of board
54-44.3-05 Secret ballot election - Guidelines
54-44.3-06 Meetings
54-44.3-07 Duties of board
54-44.3-08 Testimony ‑ Call witnesses ‑ Request production of papers
54-44.3-09 Board secretariat
54-44.3-10 Action to secure compliance with chapter
54-44.3-11 North Dakota human resource management services ‑ Director ‑ Appointment ‑ Removal
54-44.3-12 Duties of director
54-44.3-12.1 Revisions to compensation plan
54-44.3-12.2 Employee complaints ‑ Cooperation in development and implementation of basic agency grievance procedures and a statewide appeal mechanism ‑ Appeals
54-44.3-13 Records and information to be furnished
54-44.3-14 Records public
54-44.3-14.1 Mediation ‑ Open records exemption ‑ Retaliation prohibition
54-44.3-15 Payment disapproved by director
54-44.3-16 Agency personnel officers
54-44.3-17 Grant‑in‑aid programs
54-44.3-18 Authority to provide services to cities and political subdivisions
54-44.3-19 Board authority to provide service to cities, political subdivisions, and other entities
54-44.3-20 Categories of positions in the state service
54-44.3-21 Employment only under approved class title
54-44.3-22 Limitations on inquiries in application or test ‑ Discrimination prohibited
54-44.3-23 Veterans' preferences
54-44.3-24 Application of chapter to existing employees
54-44.3-25 Prohibited conduct
54-44.3-26 Penalty
54-44.3-27 Transfer of records of merit system council
54-44.3-28 College student cooperative education or intern program ‑ Eligibility
54-44.3-29 Acceptance of federal funds
54-44.3-30 Agencies subject to merit system
54-44.3-31 Political subdivision may request to be exempted from state merit system
54-44.3-32 Political subdivision merit system compliance

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