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Chapter 54-44.1

Office of the Budget
Section Section Name
54-44.1-01 Definition
54-44.1-02 Office of the budget ‑ Director ‑ Employees ‑ Powers
54-44.1-03 Powers and duties of the director of the budget
54-44.1-04 Budget estimates of budget units filed with the office of the budget ‑ Deadline
54-44.1-05 Federal aid budget requests ‑ Filed with the office of the budget
54-44.1-06 Preparation of the budget data ‑ Contents
54-44.1-06.1 Contents of capital construction bill
54-44.1-07 Presentation of budget data ‑ How presented to the legislative assembly
54-44.1-08 Budget report ‑ Contents ‑ When submitted to legislative assembly
54-44.1-09 All expenditures must be appropriated
54-44.1-09.1 Insurance recoveries appropriated
54-44.1-10 Payments made pursuant to law only
54-44.1-11 Office of management and budget to cancel unexpended appropriations ‑ When they may continue (Effective through July 31, 2019)
54-44.1-12 Control over rate of expenditures
54-44.1-12.1 Implementation of legislative intent ‑ Legislative objection to execution of budget ‑ Effect of objection
54-44.1-13 Budget requests for legislative and judicial branches
54-44.1-13.1 Apportionment of reductions in spending authority caused by an initiative or referendum action
54-44.1-14 Biennial report to legislative assembly
54-44.1-15 Indirect cost recoveries from federal programs and special funds
54-44.1-16 Office of the budget and information technology department ‑ New building construction cost‑benefit analyses
54-44.1-17 Bank of North Dakota transfers to the general fund ‑ Restoration
54-44.1-18 Searchable database of expenditures

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