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Chapter 54-30

Bonds of North Dakota, Real Estate Series
Section Section Name
54-30-01 Authority for issuing bonds of North Dakota, real estate series ‑ Purpose of issue
54-30-02 Assignment of first mortgages by Bank of North Dakota to state as security for bonds
54-30-03 State treasurer to inspect assignment and prepare bonds ‑ Governor and treasurer to issue bonds
54-30-04 Bonds ‑ Series designation ‑ Terms ‑ Execution
54-30-05 Denominations ‑ Maturity ‑ Interest rate
54-30-06 Interest rate of bonds
54-30-07 Bonds ‑ Where payable ‑ Presentment for payment
54-30-08 Bonds delivered to industrial commission
54-30-09 Sale and delivery of bonds by industrial commission
54-30-10 Credit of state of North Dakota pledged for payment of bonds
54-30-11 Payment of assigned mortgage
54-30-12 Bank of North Dakota to furnish state treasurer with record of payments and balance due on all mortgages
54-30-13 Bank of North Dakota to turn over to treasurer all payments made to it ‑ Payments may be made to treasurer ‑ Report to bank
54-30-14 Money paid on assigned mortgage held in separate fund by Bank of North Dakota
54-30-15 Investment of bond sinking fund
54-30-16 Payment of interest or principal on bonds at maturity ‑ Where made ‑ Report ‑ Made from real estate bond payment fund ‑ Appropriation
54-30-17 Bank of North Dakota to collect obligations secured by mortgage
54-30-17.1 Land acquired by state treasurer ‑ Sale or lease by the Bank of North Dakota or board of university and school lands ‑ Deposit of net proceeds in bond sinking fund
54-30-18 Foreclosure of mortgage by Bank of North Dakota ‑ Sale by bank
54-30-19 Foreclosure ‑ Power of attorney not required ‑ Costs ‑ Property bid in for state when bid is not sufficient
54-30-20 Transfer of land covered by mortgage to state by mortgagor
54-30-21 Bonds bought with proceeds of foreclosure sale
54-30-22 When sheriff's deed issued to state on foreclosure sale ‑ Taxes suspended
54-30-23 Land acquired by state through foreclosure sold by state ‑ Proceeds of sale ‑ Where deposited ‑ Sale approved
54-30-24 Cash balance in hands of state treasurer ‑ Information ‑ Mortgages substituted for those paid
54-30-24.1 Bonds as legal investments and security
54-30-25 Bonds and certificates of indebtedness exempt from taxation
54-30-26 Industrial commission to make annual statement of condition of funds ‑ Tax for deficiency in funds or indicated deficiency
54-30-27 Certificate of indebtedness issued to meet interest due on bonds
54-30-28 Amount of bonds which may be issued
54-30-29 Real estate bond funds
54-30-30 Transfer of real estate bond trust
54-30-30.1 Transfer to board of university and school lands
54-30-31 Consideration
54-30-32 Management of the trust
54-30-33 Remittances to the state general fund

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