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Chapter 54-27

Fiscal Administration
Section Section Name
54-27-01 Fiscal year ‑ Reports ‑ When made
54-27-02 County treasurers must remit state funds collected or in their hands
54-27-03 County auditors to furnish office of management and budget with abstract of tax list
54-27-04 County treasurers to transmit state taxes
54-27-05 Office of management and budget to deliver to state treasurer order on county treasurer for taxes collected
54-27-06 State treasurer to notify county treasurer of amount due state for taxes collected
54-27-07 Apportionment of moneys belonging to counties ‑ How made
54-27-08 How moneys paid from state treasury ‑ Warrants ‑ When not necessary
54-27-09 Office of management and budget to cancel unexpended appropriations ‑ When they may continue
54-27-09.1 Standing and continuing appropriations
54-27-09.2 Appropriations for certain buildings and improvements not to revert if unused
54-27-10 Appropriations ‑ When available
54-27-11 Appropriation ‑ Record kept by office of management and budget ‑ Duties and limitations
54-27-12 Expenditure of amount in excess of appropriation for state institutions ‑ Unlawful
54-27-13 Penalty for expenditure in excess of appropriation for state institutions
54-27-14 Cancellation of outstanding warrants
54-27-15 Procedure when canceled warrant presented for payment
54-27-15.1 State treasurer's checks, warrants, and warrant‑checks ‑ Cancellation ‑ Deposit to common schools trust fund ‑ Subsequent payment ‑ Continuing appropriation
54-27-15.2 Subsequent payment
54-27-15.3 Checks of the state department of health and consolidated laboratories ‑ Cancellation ‑ Deposit to general fund
54-27-15.4 Subsequent payment
54-27-16 Permission of industrial commission necessary for investment of public funds
54-27-17 Penalty for investment of public funds without consent of industrial commission
54-27-18 State a preferred creditor
54-27-19 Highway tax distribution fund ‑ State treasurer to make allocation to state, counties, and cities
54-27-19.1 Township highway aid fund ‑ Distribution
54-27-19.2 Reporting of number of motor vehicles registered on Indian reservations ‑ Use for determining each county's share of highway tax distribution fund
54-27-20 Revenue sharing trust fund
54-27-20.1 State revenue sharing
54-27-20.2 State revenue sharing distribution formula
54-27-20.3 Disbursement of local funds ‑ Reports
54-27-21 Fixed asset minimum reporting value
54-27-21.1 Documentation of asset acquisitions
54-27-22 Revolving fund for prepayment of consulting and planning fees for capital improvements
54-27-23 Cash flow financing
54-27-24 Paying refunds from the general fund
54-27-25 Tobacco settlement trust fund ‑ Interest on fund ‑ Uses (Effective through June 30, 2019)
54-27-25.1 Water development trust fund expenditures
54-27-26 Report on transportation funding and expenditures
54-27-27 Report on federal grant applications by state agency
54-27-27.1 Report on federal funds by state agency - Legislative management report
54-27-27.2 Federal funding requirements - State agency analysis
54-27-28 Interest earnings of closed funds
54-27-29 Effective date of census data ‑ Tax distributions
54-27-30 Definitions for the foundation aid stabilization fund - Uses of the foundation aid stabilization fund

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