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Chapter 54-21

State Offices, Capitol, and Capitol Grounds
Section Section Name
54-21-01 Definition of board
54-21-02 Board of administration ‑ Members ‑ Appointment ‑ Term of office ‑ Removal
54-21-03 Appointive members of board to give all their time to duties of office ‑ Oath ‑ Bond
54-21-04 Salary, mileage, and travel expense of members of the board of administration
54-21-05 Chairman of the board of administration ‑ When elected ‑ Quorum ‑ Offices
54-21-06 Director of institutions ‑ Appointment ‑ Term ‑ Additional employees ‑ Compensation ‑ Removal ‑ Expenses
54-21-06.1 Director of institutions to be substituted for board, members of board, and secretary of board
54-21-07 Bonds required of director and his employees who have control of money
54-21-08 Official seal
54-21-09 Report of director to governor and office of management and budget
54-21-10 Daily record
54-21-11 Governor may require additional report
54-21-12 Suggestions for legislation included in report
54-21-13 Child welfare ‑ Mentally deficient persons ‑ Powers and duties of director
54-21-14 Executive officer for child welfare ‑ Authority to employ
54-21-15 Regulations by board of administration for private institutions receiving state appropriations
54-21-16 Financial report to board of administration of private institutions receiving state appropriations
54-21-17 Construction superintendent ‑ Appointment ‑ Duties
54-21-17.1 Superintendent to secure interior of capitol building ‑ Issuance and return of keys
54-21-18 Office building part of capitol building ‑ Director control of capitol grounds ‑ Parking for pregnant employees and employees with infants ‑ Rules ‑ Penalty
54-21-19 Director to furnish supplies and maintain capitol, state offices, and executive mansion ‑ Authority to charge for services
54-21-20 Director authorized to acquire property for capitol park
54-21-21 School for the deaf land sale
54-21-22 Disposition of executive mansion
54-21-23 Executive mansion ‑ Construction ‑ Equipment ‑ Appropriation
54-21-24 Additional office space may be obtained outside state capitol
54-21-24.1 Lease of additional space by state agencies, departments, offices, officers, boards, and institutions
54-21-25 Authority to contract with other governmental agencies for prisoners and juvenile delinquents
54-21-26 Director may lease land to others
54-21-26.1 Director may sell penitentiary lands
54-21-27 Removal or sale of unsafe public building ‑ Procedure
54-21-28 Space utilization studies ‑ Office space allocation

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