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Chapter 54-16

Emergency Commission
Section Section Name
54-16-00.1 Definitions
54-16-01 Emergency commission ‑ Members ‑ Organization ‑ Quorum ‑ Meetings
54-16-02 Proceedings not valid unless entered in minutes
54-16-03 Unlawful to expend more than appropriated ‑ May secure approval from commission for use of other funds ‑ Deficit void
54-16-03.1 Submission of petition to emergency commission
54-16-04 May order transfer of moneys between funds ‑ Line item transfers ‑ Order may draw from state treasury
54-16-04.1 May authorize acceptance and disbursement of federal funds
54-16-04.2 Commission may authorize acceptance and expenditure of moneys
54-16-04.3 Commission may recommend full‑time equivalent positions ‑ Budget section approval
54-16-05 Penalty for expending more than appropriated
54-16-06 Report to emergency commission and legislative audit and fiscal review committee by board or officer when expenditure authorized
54-16-07 Failure to make report ‑ False report ‑ Penalty
54-16-08 State contingencies appropriation
54-16-09 Transfer of spending authority from state contingencies appropriation
54-16-10 Departmental emergency funds ‑ Penalty
54-16-11 Departmental emergency fund consideration
54-16-11.1 Emergency commission may increase revenues and appropriation authority for intergovernmental service fund agencies
54-16-12 Board of higher education land acquisition approval
54-16-13 Authority to borrow funds for a disaster ‑ Continuing appropriation

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