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Chapter 54-01.1

Relocation Assistance
Section Section Name
54-01.1-01 Declaration of policy
54-01.1-02 Definitions
54-01.1-03 Moving and related expenses
54-01.1-04 Replacement housing for homeowners
54-01.1-05 Replacement housing for tenants and certain others
54-01.1-06 Relocation assistance advisory programs
54-01.1-07 Assurance of availability of housing
54-01.1-08 Adoption of rules and regulations
54-01.1-09 Administration
54-01.1-10 Fund availability
54-01.1-11 State participation in cost of local relocation payments and services
54-01.1-12 Displacement by federally assisted building code enforcement or by voluntary rehabilitation
54-01.1-13 Payments not to be considered as income or resources
54-01.1-14 Appeal procedure
54-01.1-15 Payments not element of condemnation damages
54-01.1-16 Real property acquisition policies

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