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Chapter 50-06

Department of Human Services
Section Section Name
50-06-01 Definition
50-06-01.1 Department of human services to be substituted for public welfare board of North Dakota and social service board of North Dakota, members of board, and executive director
50-06-01.2 Department of human services ‑ Creation
50-06-01.3 Appointment of executive director ‑ Compensation
50-06-01.4 Structure of the department
50-06-01.5 Office and office equipment
50-06-01.6 Human services advisory board ‑ Membership ‑ Meetings ‑ Compensation and expenses ‑ Responsibilities
50-06-01.7 Behavioral health division ‑ Administration
50-06-01.8 Department to seek waiver to establish training, education, employment, and management program ‑ Waiver may be terminated ‑ Program characteristics ‑ Cooperation with governmental bodies ‑ Interim rulemaking
50-06-01.9 Criminal history record checks
50-06-02 Social service board ‑ Members ‑ Appointment
50-06-03 Social service board ‑ Term of office ‑ Removal
50-06-03.1 Social service board members with unexpired terms
50-06-04 Members of board ‑ Compensation
50-06-05 Officers and meetings of board
50-06-05.1 Powers and duties of the department
50-06-05.2 Regional human service centers ‑ Licensure (Effective through July 31, 2021)
50-06-05.3 Regional human service centers ‑ Powers ‑ Duties ‑ Human service advisory groups
50-06-05.4 Duties of human service advisory groups
50-06-05.5 Director of regional center ‑ Medical director
50-06-05.6 Committee on aging ‑ Appointment ‑ Expenses
50-06-05.7 Multicounty agreement to administer social service programs ‑ Selection of regional administration
50-06-05.8 Department to assume costs of economic assistance and social service programs (Effective through December 31, 2019)
50-06-06 Powers and duties of the board
50-06-06.1 Indians ‑ General assistance contract authorized
50-06-06.2 Clinic services ‑ Provider qualification ‑ Utilization of federal funds
50-06-06.3 Facility staff training
50-06-06.4 Comprehensive community residential program
50-06-06.5 Continuum of services for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness
50-06-06.6 Department of human services may lease real and personal property
50-06-06.7 Sale of surplus steam heat ‑ Terms ‑ Not to be construed as the distribution of heat
50-06-06.8 Administration of child care block grant and at‑risk child care programs
50-06-06.9 Insurance payments by the department
50-06-06.10 Family life education program
50-06-06.11 Child care provider payments
50-06-06.12 Child care provider reimbursement system
50-06-06.13 Treatment services for children with serious emotional disorders
50-06-06.14 Placement of children - Least restrictive care
50-06-07 Office and office equipment
50-06-08 Executive director and employees ‑ Appointment ‑ Compensation
50-06-09 Executive director ‑ Qualifications ‑ Term of office
50-06-10 Executive director ‑ Oath of office ‑ Bond
50-06-11 Reciprocal agreements by department
50-06-12 County bound by reciprocal agreements of department ‑ Duty of state and county when person determined not entitled to support
50-06-13 Biennial report to governor and office of management and budget
50-06-14 Financing of welfare programs
50-06-14.1 Limitation on state reimbursement for rental expenses of long‑term care facilities
50-06-14.2 Department to establish reasonable rates
50-06-14.3 Department of human services to develop basic care facility ratesetting methodology
50-06-14.4 Alzheimer's and related dementia and twenty‑four‑hour care projects
50-06-15 Confidentiality of information contained in records ‑ Penalty
50-06-15.1 Exchange and transfer of patient records
50-06-16 Rulemaking authority
50-06-17 Biennial report ‑ Budget estimates
50-06-18 Developmental disabilities service providers
50-06-19 Exemption from insurance premium tax
50-06-20 Programs funded at state expense ‑ Interpretation
50-06-20.1 Human services grant program ‑ Eligible counties ‑ Reports (Suspended through July 31, 2019)
50-06-21 Gambling disorder prevention, awareness, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, and treatment services
50-06-22 Gambling disorder prevention and treatment fund ‑ Continuing appropriation
50-06-23 Placement of children ‑ Least restrictive care
50-06-24 Guardianship services
50-06-25 Biennial report on programs and services
50-06-26 Alternatives‑to‑abortion services program
50-06-27 Prescription drug monitoring program
50-06-28 Substance abuse treatment pilot program
50-06-29 Application for aging and disability resource center funding
50-06-30 Interagency agreement between the department of human services and the department of corrections and rehabilitation
50-06-31 Report to legislative council ‑ Individuals committed to state hospital
50-06-32 Autism spectrum disorder task force ‑ Appointment ‑ Duties ‑ Annual reports
50-06-32.1 Autism spectrum disorder voucher program pilot project - Legislative management report ‑ Appeal
50-06-33 Dementia care services
50-06-34 Program for services to transition‑aged youth at risk ‑ Definition ‑ Rules ‑ Continuing appropriation
50-06-35 Department of human services food assistance contracts
50-06-36 Developmental disability provider review
50-06-37 Developmental disabilities system reimbursement project
50-06-38 Review and limitation
50-06-39 Expedited ratesetting process - Nursing and basic care facilities
50-06-40 Medication therapy management program
50-06-41 Behavioral health services quarterly report
50-06-42 Substance use disorder treatment voucher system
50-06-43 Task force on children's behavioral health - Membership - Duties - Reports to governor and legislative management
50-06-44 Alcohol and drug education program ‑ Rules ‑ Fees

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