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Chapter 49-20

Electric Companies
Section Section Name
49-20-01 Definitions
49-20-02 Commission to regulate operation and maintenance of electrical lines
49-20-03 Applications ‑ Specifications ‑ Drawings ‑ Prerequisites to construction
49-20-04 Hearing upon application ‑ Time ‑ Witnesses ‑ Evidence
49-20-05 Grant of application without hearing
49-20-06 Apportionment of costs
49-20-07 Rules and regulations adopted by commission
49-20-08 Municipalities ‑ Complaints ‑ Hearings
49-20-09 Regulatory nature of measures ‑ Penalty for violation
49-20-10 Commission may require extension of electric transmission lines
49-20-11 Appeals from orders of commission
49-20-12 Injury to electric supply lines ‑ Penalty
49-20-12.1 Notice of change in topography of lands under or adjacent to electric transmission or telecommunications lines
49-20-13 Electric current ‑ Fraudulent use ‑ Misdemeanor
49-20-14 Meter deposits to electric power companies
49-20-15 Liability of electric companies for inductive interference

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