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Chapter 49-05

Procedure on Regulation of Public Utilities
Section Section Name
49-05-01 Who may make a complaint
49-05-02 Right to make certain complaints limited
49-05-03 Hearing on complaint
49-05-04 Application for increase of rates ‑ Information required ‑ Fee
49-05-04.1 Test year ‑ Public utility rate filings
49-05-04.2 Rate adjustment ‑ Federal environmental mandate costs
49-05-04.3 Rate adjustment ‑ Transmission facility costs
49-05-04.4 Integrated resource plan
49-05-05 Changes in tariff rates ‑ Notice to commission ‑ Filing fee
49-05-06 Hearing by commission on proposed change of rates
49-05-07 Immunity from prosecution for self‑incrimination
49-05-08 Orders and decisions of commission ‑ Conclusive
49-05-09 Decisions of commission ‑ Rescission or amendment
49-05-10 Improper action taken by utility ‑ Damages ‑ Who may sue ‑ Recovery
49-05-11 Orders issued by commission ‑ Period remaining in force
49-05-12 Appeal from decision of commission
49-05-13 Suspension of order on appeal only by order of court
49-05-14 Stay on appeal ‑ Suspending bond ‑ Impounding excess charges
49-05-15 Appeals to supreme court
49-05-16 Advance determination of prudence
49-05-17 Resource planning
49-05-18 Planning reserve margin ‑ Penalty
49-05-19 Reliable service obligation

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