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Chapter 47-30.1

Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Section Section Name
47-30.1-01 Definitions and use of terms
47-30.1-02 Property presumed abandoned ‑ General rule
47-30.1-02.1 Uncashed checks
47-30.1-03 General rules for taking custody of intangible unclaimed property
47-30.1-03.1 Property originated or issued by this state, any political subdivision of this state, or any entity incorporated, organized, created, or otherwise located in this state
47-30.1-04 Traveler's checks and money orders
47-30.1-05 Checks, drafts, and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organizations
47-30.1-06 Bank deposits and funds in financial organizations
47-30.1-07 Funds owing under life insurance policies
47-30.1-08 Security deposits
47-30.1-09 Refunds held by business associations
47-30.1-10 Stock and other intangible interests in business associations
47-30.1-11 Property of business associations held in course of dissolution
47-30.1-12 Property held by agents and fiduciaries
47-30.1-13 Property held by courts and public agencies
47-30.1-14 Credit memos
47-30.1-15 Wages
47-30.1-16 Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping repository
47-30.1-16.1 Mineral proceeds
47-30.1-17 Report and delivery of abandoned property
47-30.1-18 Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property
47-30.1-19 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
47-30.1-19.1 Abandoned property list ‑ Preparation ‑ Contents ‑ Not open records
47-30.1-20 Custody by state ‑ Holder relieved from liability ‑ Reimbursement of holder paying claim ‑ Reclaiming for owner ‑ Defense of holder ‑ Payment of safe deposit box or repository charges
47-30.1-21 Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account
47-30.1-21.1 Crediting of dividends or increments on stock to owner's account
47-30.1-22 Public sale of abandoned property
47-30.1-23 Deposit of funds ‑ Continuing appropriation
47-30.1-24 Filing of claim with administrator ‑ Exempt from open records law
47-30.1-24.1 Claims by state agencies ‑ Budget section approval and report
47-30.1-25 Claim of another state to recover property ‑ Procedure
47-30.1-26 Action to establish claim
47-30.1-27 Election to take payment or delivery
47-30.1-28 Destruction or disposition of property having insubstantial commercial value ‑ Immunity from liability
47-30.1-29 Periods of limitation
47-30.1-30 Requests for reports and examination of records
47-30.1-30.1 Confidentiality of audit records ‑ Civil penalty
47-30.1-31 Retention of records
47-30.1-32 Enforcement ‑ Appeals
47-30.1-33 Interstate agreements and cooperation ‑ Joint and reciprocal actions with other states
47-30.1-34 Penalties
47-30.1-35 Agreements to locate reported and unreported property
47-30.1-36 Foreign transactions
47-30.1-37 Effect of new provisions ‑ Clarification of application
47-30.1-38 Rules

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