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Chapter 47-10

Real Property Transfers
Section Section Name
47-10-01 Method of transfer
47-10-02 Sale of realty ‑ Duty of seller
47-10-02.1 Property disclosure ‑ Requirements
47-10-03 Agreement to give usual covenants on sale ‑ Duty imposed
47-10-04 Form of covenants
47-10-05 Grants ‑ Execution ‑ Witnesses sufficient ‑ Seal unnecessary
47-10-05.1 Presumption of corporate authority of officers ‑ Application
47-10-06 Form of grant
47-10-07 Deed ‑ Execution ‑ Post‑office and street address of grantee a prerequisite
47-10-08 Grant conclusive against whom
47-10-09 Grant valid pro tanto
47-10-10 Title to highway, street, alley, and public right of way ‑ Vacation
47-10-11 Easements ‑ Pass by transfer of property to which attached
47-10-12 Warranties ‑ Lineal and collateral abolished ‑ Exceptions
47-10-13 Grant presumes fee simple title
47-10-14 Grant takes effect on performance of condition
47-10-15 After‑acquired title
47-10-16 Reconveyance when estate defeated by nonperformance of condition subsequent
47-10-17 Encumbrances defined
47-10-18 Liability of grantor
47-10-19 Covenants implied from use of word grant
47-10-20 Attornment ‑ When unnecessary
47-10-21 Reservation of coal limited to description
47-10-22 Reservation without description ineffectual
47-10-23 Transfer by grantor to the grantor and another in joint tenancy
47-10-23.1 Nontestamentary transfer between spouses ‑ Presumption
47-10-24 Description and definition of minerals in leases and conveyances
47-10-25 Meaning of minerals in deed, grant, or conveyance of title to real property
47-10-26 Authority of trustee
47-10-27 Manufactured homes ‑ Affixation to real property ‑ Conveyance or encumbrance as real property

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