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Chapter 43-33

Hearing Aid Dealers
Section Section Name
43-33-01 Definitions
43-33-02 License required to sell or fit hearing instruments
43-33-02.1 Conviction not bar to licensure ‑ Exceptions
43-33-03 Receipt required to be furnished to a person supplied with hearing instruments
43-33-04 Persons and practices not affected
43-33-05 License by experience
43-33-06 Issuance of license
43-33-07 License by examination
43-33-08 Temporary trainee permit
43-33-09 Scope of examination
43-33-10 Notice to board of place of business ‑ Notice to licensees ‑ How given by board
43-33-11 Annual renewal of license ‑ Fees ‑ Continuing education ‑ Effect of failure to renew
43-33-12 Complaint procedure ‑ Grounds for revocation or suspension of license ‑ Appeals
43-33-13 Prohibited acts and practices
43-33-14 Powers and duties of board
43-33-15 Board of hearing aid specialists
43-33-16 Duties of the board
43-33-17 Meetings of board
43-33-18 Violations ‑ Penalty ‑ Injunction
43-33-19 Severability clause

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