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Chapter 43-23.2

Real Estate Education Fund
Section Section Name
43-23.2-01 Real estate education, research, and recovery fund ‑ Purposes ‑ Administration
43-23.2-02 Fees paid into fund
43-23.2-03 Claims against fund ‑ Orders for payment
43-23.2-04 Hearings
43-23.2-05 Motion for dismissal ‑ Commission may defend action
43-23.2-06 Judgment debtor may defend ‑ Default judgments
43-23.2-07 Order for payment
43-23.2-08 Limitation of payment ‑ Pro rata distribution
43-23.2-09 Repayment to fund
43-23.2-10 Claims satisfied in order of filing
43-23.2-11 Deposits by commission
43-23.2-12 Subrogation rights of commission
43-23.2-13 Disciplinary action by commission

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