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Chapter 43-15.3

Wholesale Drug Pedigree
Section Section Name
43-15.3-01 Definitions
43-15.3-02 Rulemaking authority
43-15.3-03 Wholesale distributor licensing requirement ‑ Minimum requirements for licensure
43-15.3-04 Requirements to distribute prescription drugs, medical gases, or medical equipment
43-15.3-05 Restrictions on transactions
43-15.3-06 Pedigree
43-15.3-07 Order to cease distribution
43-15.3-08 Prohibited acts ‑ Penalty
43-15.3-09 Penalties
43-15.3-10 Retail medical gas retailers ‑ Reciprocity
43-15.3-11 Retail durable medical equipment retailers ‑ Reciprocity
43-15.3-12 Fees
43-15.3-13 Compounding provided by an outsourcing facility
43-15.3-14 Third-party logistics providers

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