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Chapter 35-27

Construction Lien
Section Section Name
35-27-01 Definitions
35-27-02 Persons entitled to construction lien ‑ Notice
35-27-03 When lien attaches
35-27-04 When lien attaches ‑ Exception ‑ Filing
35-27-05 Notice of intention to claim lien ‑ Recordation
35-27-06 Extent and amount of lien
35-27-07 Title of vendor or consenting owner ‑ Subject to liens
35-27-08 Contractor or subcontractor improperly using proceeds of payment ‑ Larceny
35-27-09 Payment to contractors withheld
35-27-10 Mingling of charges defeats right to lien
35-27-11 Itemized account and demand conditions precedent to obtaining lien for materials
35-27-12 Recorder to record notice
35-27-13 How lien perfected ‑ Construction lien recorded
35-27-14 Lien not lost for failure to file within time ‑ Exception
35-27-15 Account ‑ Duty of clerk of court
35-27-16 Inaccuracies in lien statement
35-27-17 Single contract for several buildings ‑ Amount of claim apportioned
35-27-18 Construction lien on railway contracts obtainable
35-27-19 Land subject to lien
35-27-20 Collateral security does not impair lien ‑ Exception
35-27-21 Complete and independent building ‑ Lien independent of land ‑ Notice to owner
35-27-22 Order of priority of classes of construction liens
35-27-23 Improvements on leasehold interest ‑ Extent of lien ‑ Sale of building
35-27-24 Action to enforce construction lien ‑ Notice of ‑ Deficiency judgment
35-27-24.1 Costs and attorney's fees
35-27-25 Requiring suit to be commenced ‑ Demand ‑ Limitations of action
35-27-26 Penalty for filing unlawful lien
35-27-27 Assignment of claims
35-27-28 General provisions

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