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Chapter 32-29.4

Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act
Section Section Name
32-29.4-01 Definitions
32-29.4-02 Scope
32-29.4-03 Applicable law
32-29.4-04 Arbitration agreement
32-29.4-05 Notice of arbitration
32-29.4-06 Motion for judicial relief
32-29.4-07 Qualification and selection of arbitrator
32-29.4-08 Disclosure by arbitrator ‑ Disqualification
32-29.4-09 Party participation
32-29.4-10 Temporary order or award
32-29.4-11 Protection of party or child
32-29.4-12 Powers and duties of arbitrator
32-29.4-13 Recording of hearing
32-29.4-14 Award
32-29.4-15 Confirmation of award
32-29.4-16 Correction by arbitrator of unconfirmed award
32-29.4-17 Correction by court of unconfirmed award
32-29.4-18 Vacation or amendment by court of unconfirmed award
32-29.4-19 Clarification of confirmed award
32-29.4-20 Judgment on award
32-29.4-21 Modification of confirmed award or judgment
32-29.4-22 Enforcement of confirmed award
32-29.4-23 Appeal
32-29.4-24 Immunity of arbitrator
32-29.4-25 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
32-29.4-26 Transitional provision

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