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Chapter 32-17

Actions to Quiet Title and Determine Claims to Real Estate
Section Section Name
32-17-01 Action to determine adverse claims
32-17-02 Use and occupation ‑ Waste ‑ Pleading ‑ Possession
32-17-03 Joinder of plaintiffs
32-17-04 Complaint form ‑ Description of property
32-17-05 Joinder of defendants
32-17-06 Who joined as unknown persons
32-17-07 Service on unknown defendants ‑ How made ‑ Affidavit for publication
32-17-08 Answer ‑ Counterclaim
32-17-09 Reply ‑ What it may contain ‑ Relief
32-17-10 Trial ‑ Findings ‑ Possession ‑ Costs
32-17-11 Judgment ‑ When right fails after action brought
32-17-12 Adjustment of cross judgments
32-17-13 When defendant permitted to defend
32-17-14 Both parties have right of entry
32-17-15 Order for entry ‑ Service
32-17-16 Purchaser may recover for waste
32-17-17 Alienation not to affect action
32-17-18 Mining customs govern mining claims
32-17-19 Court may determine heirs or devisees of deceased entrymen
32-17-20 Claimants on public land
32-17-21 Holder of contract for purchase of land from state may sue
32-17-22 Waste ‑ When actionable
32-17-23 When judgment of forfeiture for waste given to holder of reversion

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