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Chapter 32-15

Eminent Domain
Section Section Name
32-15-01 Eminent domain defined ‑ How exercised ‑ Condemnor defined ‑ Exceptions
32-15-02 Purposes for which exercised
32-15-03 What estate subject to be taken
32-15-03.1 Declaration of legislative intent
32-15-03.2 Termination of estates greater than an easement
32-15-04 What property may be taken
32-15-05 What must appear before property taken
32-15-06 Entry for making surveys
32-15-06.1 Duty to negotiate ‑ Just compensation ‑ Appraisals
32-15-06.2 Disclosures
32-15-07 Proceedings by civil action
32-15-08 Form of summons ‑ When served
32-15-09 Service by publication
32-15-10 Copy of summons served through mails
32-15-11 Service complete, when
32-15-12 When note of issue filed
32-15-13 Jury may be demanded
32-15-14 When sheriff's fees to be advanced by plaintiff ‑ Surety for jury fees
32-15-15 Note of issue, filing
32-15-16 Special term of court to hear issue
32-15-17 Issues tried at any term of court
32-15-18 What complaint must contain
32-15-19 Joinder, consolidation, and separation of proceedings
32-15-20 Who may defend
32-15-21 Power of court
32-15-22 Assessment of damages
32-15-22.1 Eminent domain ‑ Compensation for moving personal property
32-15-23 When right to damages accrues
32-15-24 When title defective
32-15-25 When judgment paid
32-15-26 Payment or deposit ‑ Proceedings annulled
32-15-27 Final order ‑ Filing
32-15-28 Public corporation bound by judgment
32-15-29 When possession taken ‑ How money paid defendant ‑ Acceptance ‑ Abandonment of defenses
32-15-30 Payment of money into court at risk of plaintiff
32-15-31 Deposit of money with state treasurer
32-15-32 Costs
32-15-33 Rules of practice
32-15-34 New trials and appeals
32-15-35 Eminent domain proceedings ‑ Costs of defendant to be paid when proceedings withdrawn or dismissed by party bringing the proceedings

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